Use our Strava Club to keep you going during social distancing runs!

25/03/2020 04:34

Our community of 2000+ race goers will keep you pushing through the lonely runs

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Event cancellations due to COVID-19

18/03/2020 11:08

How we're dealing with event cancellations in March, April and May

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Run slow to run fast this year: Why are easy runs important?

21/02/2020 03:25

It seems logical that in order to run faster in races you need to be running faster in training.  While this is true in part, it should not be taken as principle across all training runs.

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Royal Winners - our three-race summer series finds a new set of champs!

13/11/2019 07:10

With our popular Royal Parks 10K Summer Series recently wrapping up for another year, we've been reflecting on the evolution of our own, and other organisers' race series.

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We're recruiting! Could you be our next Event Manager?

12/08/2019 03:33

We're seeking an outstanding individual to join our small team working from our office in Angel, London.

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Why we run - welcome to The Race Organiser blog

07/08/2019 03:12

As The Race Organiser approaches it's eighth birthday, we're planning on doing much more to get to know our runners better...

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