Meet Mornington Chasers: One of the most friendly and inclusive running clubs in London!

12 Oct, 2020 11:51 By:

Founded in 1986, Mornington Chasers is one of the most friendly and inclusive clubs around. With abilities ranging from complete beginners to seasoned club athletes, there are all different kinds of runners to meet, run, and socialise with.

To cater to the clubs' diverse membership, there is a large variety of training including a couch to 5km programme, weekly group runs and mixed ability track sessions coached by qualified volunteers from the club.

As well as attending lots of races as a club, they host their own 10K winter series supported by The Race Organiser. Unfortunately, the much-loved three lapped Regent's Park 10K this winter was unable to go ahead due to COVID restrictions.

So instead, Mornington Chasers are offering you the opportunity to race 10 miles through the Lee Valley Olympic VeloPark - the perfect venue to test your mettle and inspire your running. There is still time to enter, so secure your spot here for an opportunity to take on the classic club distance.

If you are looking for a running club, we spoke to three Chasers to find out first-hand what kind of runners you can find at training!


Three words which best sum up Mornington Chasers for you? 

Friendliest Running Club! Rebecca Taylor- 2 years membership.

All runners welcome! Laura Boulte- 2.5 years membership.

Friendly, inclusive, supportive. Alice Sullivan- 13 years membership.


Why did you decide to join the Chasers? 

I was looking at joining other North London Clubs but a lady called Hope from Runners Need took one look at me and said - 'but you're a Mornington Chaser'. It was like the scene from Harry Potter where they decide which house you're in! I went along to a Tuesday night run and it turned out she was right. My running has gone from strength to strength and I am achieving things I never thought possible before. Rebecca.

My husband joined and wanted me to join too. Initially, I was very resistant to the idea, because I didn’t see myself as “sporty” enough to join a running club. I’m so glad I let him persuade me to give it a try! It’s an important part of my life now, and for the last few years I’ve also been chair of the club. Alice.


What’s your favourite race distance and why? 

10 miles, pacey but a challenge and you avoid the last three miles that you get in a half marathon. I also love a fast and furious 5k (I miss parkrun) Laurie.


What is on your running bucket list?

I would love to try athletics on the track. I was all set then COVID!!  My running is motivated by times and age grade, my next target is a faster 10K and then hopefully I will get to race a marathon next year! Rebecca.


Why do you run? 

Because it's the most beautiful answer to wellbeing and good friends. Laurie.

Because I enjoy eating, to stay sane, and for the friendships and sense of community. I can’t imagine what this year would have been like without running and without Mornington Chasers. Alice.


What’s your favourite race and why? 

I love cross country - it is so unbelievably hard I laugh every time I do it because I can't believe I am willingly taking part. I also love our Regent's Park 10K as the Chaser support is amazing! Rebecca


If you are looking for a friendly, inclusive and competitive club in London there is no better choice than Mornington Chasers!