Office Fitness: Tips For Running On Your Lunch Break

23 Jun, 2021 12:52 By:

There are a lot of advantages and benefits to running during your work lunch break. Being able to get your run done at lunchtime means not having to find the energy at the end of a busy day and also means not having to get up extra early to fit it in before work. Doing physical exercise on your lunch break can also help boost your brain power and concentration for the rest of the afternoon - particularly useful if you suffer from the 3pm energy slump.

When you're working from home, running during your lunch break is a breeze - you can shower as soon as you get home, change your clothes, and make a tasty lunch to refuel. But running during your lunch break while working in an office can be a nightmare. Sweaty clothes, worrying about being back late, and no shower facilities can all be very off-putting. Here are 3 top tips for making the most of your lunchtime run without it ruining the rest of your day.

1. Maximise your workout

One of the worst things about running on your lunch break is worrying about the time. Most people have a strict 1-hour lunch break, which means you need to be very efficient with your workout. Thankfully, a 30-minute run workout is all you need to get great results. That gives you 10 minutes to get ready before and 20 minutes to freshen up afterward and get back to your desk ready to start your afternoon. 

Try doing interval training or sprints to make the most of your 30-minute run workout. The higher you get your heart rate, the greater your results will be. Just remember, the harder you work, the more sweaty you are likely to get!

2. Be prepared

The other thing that puts most people off running during their lunch break is not being able to shower afterwards. However, there are ways around that so don't let it be a dealbreaker. Take a bag to work with you full of everything you need: we recommend you take your running clothes, running shoes, a change of shirt or work top, a towel, a flannel, deodorant, and baby wipes.

A great way to stop yourself sweating after your run and make sure you're completely dry before you put your work clothes back on is to soak a flannel in very cold water and dab it around your temples, face, neck, and chest. This should bring your core temperature back down to a more normal level and stop you sweating. You can use baby wipes and deodorant to freshen up and a towel to dry off. It's not quite as good as a proper shower, but it's the next best thing!

3. Fuel properly afterwards

There's probably nothing worse than sitting at your desk feeling ravenous. Especially if there is no way to get food when you're in your office, being hungry at work can affect your concentration and your brain power meaning you'll be less productive. Make sure you take a healthy and filling lunch for when you finish your run as well as additional snacks. You'll be more hungry than normal after working out so it's better to take too much rather than not enough. 

It's also worth making sure you don't eat for around an hour before you head out for your lunchtime run. If you're used to snacking at your desk throughout the day, keep an eye on the time so that you don't eat too close to your run and end up with indigestion.