Essex 10K Cross Country Series - Latest Points!

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One of our favourite race series - and exclusive to The Race Organiser - our Essex 10K Corss Country Series is a summer adventure of 10Ks in five different parks across five months from May to September.

As well as the competition at each race, the cumulative scores of runners who complete at least four of the five races give us an exciting series competition. At the end of race five in Weald Country Park in September - COVID-measures permitting - we laud the achievements of runners in each category with trophies and a podium photocall. 

Check out the latest results here, managed by our timing partner, krono:sports, to see how the standings are shaping up. If you've any queries about your placement or specific results, you can contact the krono:sports team here

We'll update this page after each race, so check back to see the drama unfold!

Forgotten the rules of the series compeition or not sure how it all works? Small print below. 


Series Entry/Qualification

In order to satisfy Eligibility requirements for the series Grand Prix, participants must finish at least 4 of the 5 available series races, all of which will then be used to calculate final positions (determined with respect to the highest cumulative score).

Cumulative Scores will be calculated by automatically matching a participant’s Name, Gender and Date of Birth, and allocating points with respect to their final position at each event. It is the responsibility of each participant to ensure the details they provide during registration are consistent for all events throughout the series and notify our timing service provider as soon as possible where a discrepancy is identified.

Participants will be allocated Points as follows; 50pts for 1st, 49pts for 2nd, , 2pts for 49th and 1pt for 50th+ for each individual event.

Categories will be determined using a participant's age on the 31st December of the calendar year in which the first event of the series takes place.

Prizes will be awarded to the top three places overall, and the top place in each of the veteran categories (V40/V50/V60/V70) for both females and males. Winners will be notified by email within two weeks of the final event where a presentation is not possible on the day.

In the event of a Tie-Break, the higher position will be awarded to the participant that has attended more events, then by age category (oldest first).