The Race Organiser : Hard as Snails Results
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Hard as Snails

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Shalford Park, Shalford Road, GUILDFORD. GU4 8BL

Hard as Snails 2021

Date Name Images Race Reports Results status
23/11/2021, 21:57 [PROVISIONAL DATE] Hardest of Snails 15K Awaiting Results
28/07/2021, 17:40 Hardest of Snails 5K ResultsImages
28/07/2021, 17:20 Hardest of Snails 10K ResultsImages
28/07/2021, 17:00 Hardest of Snails 15K ResultsImages
30/06/2021, 17:40 Harder Than Snails 5K ResultsImages
30/06/2021, 17:20 Harder Than Snails 10K ResultsImages
30/06/2021, 17:00 Harder Than Snails 15K ResultsImages
30/06/2021, 16:30 Harder Than Snails 2K Fun Run ResultsImages
26/05/2021, 17:45 Hard as Snails 5K ResultsImages
26/05/2021, 17:00 Hard as Snails 10K ResultsImages