The Race Organiser : Heyford Airbase Duathlon & Runway Races
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Heyford Airbase Duathlon & Runway Races

Next Race: 18/06/2022 + 1 other

Heyford Airbase, Heyford Park, Upper Heyford, BICESTER. OX25 5HD

Race at the base in summer 2022 and take on one of the longest runways in Europe!

Set in Oxfordshire's beautiful Cherwell Valley, this deserted Cold War airbase opens its gates for a challenging weekend of running and cycling.

Enter the duathlon on Saturday 18th June and run, bike, run your way to the finish line over the Standard, Sprint or Super Sprint distance.

On Sunday 19th June, the Half Marathon, 10K, 5K & Family Mile will see you flying around the airfield like the buzzards that now rule the idle landing strips.

With over 100 years of history, this formidable site will capture your imagination. Look out for props from Hollywood blockbuster World War Z which was filmed at the base, an encounter with an escaped zombie is sure to get you a PB!

Pancake-flat, traffic-free and with the wind at your back, you’ll bomb along the runways and taxiways of one of the oldest airfields in the world at the Heyford Airbase Duathlon and Runway Races.


Entry on the Day will be available, subject to availability and a £5 surcharge.


The Runway Races (with the exception of the Family Mile), will be Licensed with UK Athletics (UKA) and the results published by Run Britain shortly after the event.

The Duathlon is draft-illegal (TT bikes permitted) and will be Licensed with the British Triathlon Federation (BTF), the competition rules of which can be found here. We recommend participants familiarise themselves with the information therein, but specifically sections­­ 5, 6 & 7 for details on equipment and their expected conduct during the event.


Event Details


The Course is flat, contained within the closed airfield and suitable for participants of all abilities.


Bib Numbers (and bike stickers where applicable) will only be available for collection at each event, participants should not expect to receive anything by mail.

To be fastened to the front of your top using safety pins provided, your number should remain visible at all times. A timing chip is attached to the back of the bib and should not be removed.

Participants in the Duathlon will also be provided with an ankle tag and neoprene strap which must be returned on completing the event.


Results will be uploaded live to our website (internet connection permitting) and communicated to all pre-registered participants within 24 hours of each event.


All finishers will receive a Medal on completing their event and, subject to a competitive field of participants, Prizes will be awarded to the top three places overall - and the top place in each of the veteran categories (V40/V50/V60/V70) - for both females and males at each distance (excluding the Family Mile). Winners will be notified by email by the end of the following week.


Marshals will be present on the course throughout each event.


Course Markings, including arrows, tape, and distance markers, will be visible on the course where necessary.


Pacers will not be offered at these events.




Photography will be provided at these events, a link to which will be available on our website and communicated to all pre-registered participants within 24 hours of each event.


Suitable Medical Cover is provided at our events in case of a medical emergency. Participants must provide, during registration, details of any pre-existing medical conditions, disabilities, medication, or allergies that may be relevant in the administration of any medical assistance. Participants should also provide the same information on the reverse of their bib number (where applicable) prior to starting their event, marking a large, red X (or other contrasting colour, using the pens provided at registration) to the front of their number to alert the medical provider to any such information.


Bag Drop will be available at these events. Whilst we recommend bringing as little as possible, participants can leave essential belongings with us while they run using the tear-off baggage strip on their bib. They can then present their number after the event to retrieve their item(s).


Water Stations will be available on the run routes approximately every 5K.


Toilets will be available around the start & finish area/lap point for use throughout each event by both participants and spectators.


Refreshments are expected be available throughout each event from a local vendor.


There are no dedicated Changing Rooms/Showers at these events.


Lost Property from an event will be kept for one month. If unclaimed, or ownership cannot be determined, lost property items will be donated to charity.


Other Information


As UK Athletics licensed events, the pushing of persons in any device is prohibited under the UKA Rules of Competition (including, but not limited to, a Wheelchair, BuggyPushchairStroller or similar) in the Half Marathon, 10K & 5K. Such devices are permitted in the Family Mile only.


Participants must not be accompanied by a personally owned or controlled Dog during an event. Entries may be accepted from participants with medical assistance dogs, subject to them being correctly registered and identifiable as such, and subject to prior approval by the Event Director.


These events are suitable for Wheelchair UsersParticipants wishing to compete with specialised equipment are asked to contact us before entering to ensure we can accommodate any additional requirements.


Noise-cancelling Earphones/Headphones are prohibited and, whilst we discourage the use of other earphones/headphones for those competing in running events, participants choosing to use them should ensure they are set to a low enough volume that instructions from marshals and/or other event officials can be clearly understood. We reserve the right to disqualify participants who cannot hear instructions as a result of their use.

The use of Earphones/Headphones is prohibited for all Duathlon participants throughout the event.


With respect to a Time-Limit for these events, in order that we adhere to the restrictions imposed by the venue hire agreement, it may be necessary for us to begin deconstruction of the courses and/or start/finish areas at approximately 12:30 (Saturday) and 13:30 (Sunday) to facilitate our departure from the premises by the agreed times. If participants are unable to complete their event by this time, they may be asked to end their participation early.




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Heyford Airbase Duathlon & Runway Races Jun 2022

  • 18/06/2022, 09:00

    Duathlon - Standard

    10 Kilometres 40 Kilometres 5 Kilometres £47.60 - £51.00
    Early Bird
  • 18/06/2022, 09:30

    Duathlon - Sprint

    5 Kilometres 20 Kilometres 2.5 Kilometres £43.35 - £46.75
    Early Bird
  • 18/06/2022, 10:00

    Duathlon - Super Sprint

    2.5 Kilometres 10 Kilometres 2.5 Kilometres £39.10 - £42.50
    Early Bird
  • 19/06/2022, 09:00

    Family Mile

    1 Mile £8.50
    Early Bird
  • 19/06/2022, 09:30

    Wheelchair Half Marathon

    13.1 Miles £28.05 - £29.75
    Early Bird
  • 19/06/2022, 09:30

    Wheelchair 10K

    10 Kilometres £19.55 - £21.25
    Early Bird
  • 19/06/2022, 09:30

    Wheelchair 5K

    5 Kilometres £15.30 - £17.00
    Early Bird
  • 19/06/2022, 09:45

    Half Marathon

    13.1 Miles £28.05 - £29.75
    Early Bird
  • 19/06/2022, 09:45


    10 Kilometres £19.55 - £21.25
    Early Bird
  • 19/06/2022, 09:45


    5 Kilometres £15.30 - £17.00
    Early Bird



Further details with respect to planning your journey and available parking facilities will be communicated prior to the event to all-pre-registered participants.