The Race Organiser : Essex Cross Country 10K Series
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Essex Cross Country 10K Series

Next Race: 08/05/2021 + 4 others

Taking place in 5 spectacular country parks across Essex, these races offer an opportunity to get away from the road and experience trail running in the summer.


Taking place monthly between April and September, take your pick from events at Hylands Park, Belhus Woods Country Park, Thorndon Country Park, Hadleigh Park or Weald Country Park and race one, more or all five to qualify for our series Grand Prix.


These are one of our favourite set of races, loved by all types of runner, but places are limited so book early to avoid disappointment!


On entering this event, you should receive booking confirmation within 5 minutes. If it does not arrive, please check your spam/junk folder. Further event details will be communicated via email (to the address provided during registration) in the week prior to the event.


Entry on the Day will not be available at this event.


These events will not be Licensed.


Event Schedule


Enquiries: 8:30.
Start Times: Between 
9:30 - 10:30. Allocated with respect to distance and/or estimated finish time (prioritising longer distances/quicker times) and communicated prior to the event by email and/or SMS, these times may be subject to change.


COVID-19 Mitigation


NHS Test and Trace will be in operation at this event. Participants will be required to complete a health declaration prior to arrival and to check-in where possible using the NHS COVID-19 app (available to download in advance for iOS or Android). Any information obtained will be held for 21 days after the event only and will not be used for any other purpose. Participants may not be permitted on site if they fail to follow this process, the full requirements for which will be communicated to all pre-registered participants in the week prior to the event.


One-way navigation and social distancing signage will be present on site to facilitate adherence to official guidance. Queue markers must be observed at all times and sanitisation stations used as frequently as necessary.


Unless there have been any changes following communication of the final pre-event information, there will be no event briefing on the day. Participants should read the communication thoroughly to familiarise themselves with the event details.


Participants will start individually at 10-15 second intervals to maintain social distancing with a recommended 15-30 minute arrival window allocated and communicated prior to the event. Participants from the same household/bubble will be permitted to start together and should arrive/start at the later of any times communicated to these participants prior to the event. Whilst running, participants should only overtake when there is enough room (at least 1m) to do so.


Once finished, participants should continue moving and follow signage and steward directions to keep the area clear for other finishers. Any post-event rewards (medal, water etc.) will be self-service (following hand-sanitisation) to ensure there is no contact amongst staff and participants.


Participants are asked to review the UKA Participant Code of Conduct prior to their arrival.


Event Details


The Routes are generally undulating, on grass or trails and consist of laps of the respective parks. All are suitable for runners of all abilities.


Bib Numbers will only be available for collection at the event, participants should not expect to receive anything by mail.


To be fastened to the front of your top using safety pins provided, your number should be visible at all times. Your timing chip is attached to the back of your number and should not be removed.


Results will be uploaded live to our website (internet connection permitting) and communicated to all pre-registered participants within 24 hours of the event.


All finishers will receive a Medal on completing the event and, subject to a competitive field of participants, Prizes will be awarded to the top three places overall, and the top place in each of the veteran categories (V40/V50/V60/V70) for both females and males. Winners will be notified via email by the end of the following week where a presentation is not possible on the day.


Series Entry/Qualification


In order to satisfy Eligibility requirements for the series Grand Prix, participants must finish at least 4 of the 5 available series races, all of which will then be used to calculate final positions (determined with respect to the highest cumulative score).


Cumulative Scores will be calculated by automatically matching a participant’s Name, Gender and Date of Birth. It is the responsibility of the participant to ensure the details they provide during registration are consistent for all events throughout the series and notify the Event Organiser as soon as possible where there is a discrepancy.


Participants will be allocated Points as follows; 50pts for 1st, 49pts for 2nd, 2pts for 49th and 1pt for 50th+ for each individual event.


Categories will be determined using a participant's age on the 31st December of the calendar year in which the first event of the series takes place.


Prizes will be awarded to the top three places overall, and the top place in each of the veteran categories (V40/V50/V60/V70) for both females and males. Winners will be notified via email within two weeks of the final event where a presentation is not possible on the day.


In the event of a Tie-Break, the higher position will be awarded to the participant that has attended more events, then by age category (oldest first).


A Club Prize will be awarded to the club most represented by finishers throughout the series.


Marshals will be present on the course throughout the event.


Course Markings, including arrows, tape and distance markers, will be visible on the course where necessary.


Pacers will not be offered at this event.




Photography will be provided at this event, a link to which will be communicated to all pre-registered participants within 24 hours of the event.


Suitable Medical Cover will be provided at the event in case of a medical emergency. Participants must provide, during registration, details of any pre-existing medical conditions, disabilities, medication or allergies that may be relevant in the administration of any medical assistance. Participants should also provide the same information on the reverse of their bib number (where applicable) prior to starting the event, marking a large, red X (or other contrasting colour, using the pens provided) to the front of their number to alert the medical provider to any such information.


Bag Drop will not be available at this event. Runners should leave all belongings with their vehicle where possible and arrive ready to run.


Water Stations will be available on this course.


Toilets and sanitisation stations will be available around the Start/Finish area for use throughout the event. Toilets will not be available on the routes.


Refreshments are expected be available throughout these events.


There are no dedicated Changing Rooms/Showers at this event.


Lost Property from an event will be kept for one month. If unclaimed, or ownership cannot be determined, lost property items will be donated to charity.


Other Information


These events are not suitable for Buggies, Pushchairs, Strollers or similar due to the nature of the terrain.


As part of our ongoing COVID response, to ensure the opportunities for social distancing are maximised throughout our events, Spectators are strongly discouraged at this event.


Participants must not be accompanied by a personally owned or controlled Dog during the event. Entries may be accepted from participants with medical assistance dogs, subject to them being correctly registered and identifiable as such, and subject to prior approval by the Event Director.


This event is not suitable for Wheelchair Users due to the nature of the terrain.


Noise-cancelling Earphones/Headphones are prohibited and whilst we discourage the use of other earphones/headphones at this event for those competing in running events, participants choosing to use them should ensure they are set to a low enough volume that instructions from marshals and/or other event officials can be clearly understood. We reserve the right to disqualify participants who cannot hear instructions as a result of their use.


Since this event takes place at a venue open to the public, participants should remain vigilant of each other, spectators, marshals, cyclists, dogs and other users of public footpaths and rights of way at all times.


Whilst there is no strict Time-Limit for this event, in order that we adhere to the restrictions imposed by the hire agreement, it may be necessary for us to begin deconstruction of the course and/or start/finish area at approximately 12:00 to facilitate our departure from the premises by the agreed time. Participants will need to be able to complete their event by this time.




For event updates or future promotions, you can find The Race Organiser on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. You can also join our Strava club to see how your fellow competitors are training and compare your race day performance.


Essex Cross Country 10K Series May 2021

  • 08/05/2021, 09:30 - 10:30

    Hylands Park

    10 Kilometres £0.00 - £17.00

Essex Cross Country 10K Series Jun 2021

  • 12/06/2021, 09:30 - 10:30

    Belhus Woods Country Park

    10 Kilometres £0.00 - £17.00

Essex Cross Country 10K Series Jul 2021

  • 10/07/2021, 09:30 - 10:30

    Thorndon Country Park

    10 Kilometres £0.00 - £17.00

Essex Cross Country 10K Series Aug 2021

  • 14/08/2021, 09:30 - 10:30

    Hadleigh Country Park

    10 Kilometres £0.00 - £17.00

Essex Cross Country 10K Series Sep 2021

  • 11/09/2021, 09:30 - 10:30

    Weald Country Park

    10 Kilometres £0.00 - £17.00



For details on planning your journey and available parking facilities, please visit the park websites.

Hylands Park, Greenbury Way, CHELMSFORD. CM2 8FS

Belhus Woods Country Park, Romford Road, Aveley, SOUTH OCKENDON. RM15 4XJ

Thorndon Country Park, The Avenue, BRENTWOOD. CM13 3RZ

Hadleigh Country Park, Chapel Lane, BENFLEET. SS7 2PP

Weald Country Park, Weald Road, South Weald, BRENTWOOD. CM14 5QS