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The perfect training package of races for anyone working towards a Spring 2019 marathon. For just £49, get three race entries to plot into your training plan that will help build your endurance, giving you race rehearsal experiences and act as major milestones for progress towards your big day. What's included? • a guaranteed entry into our Marathon Prep race - 16 / 20 / 24 miles - offering the perfect rehearsal race day to evaluate your hydration, nutrition and race strategy. • any one of our 10K events between your purchase date and 28 April 2019. • any one of our half marathon events between your purchase date and 28 April 2019. Your place in the Marathon Prep race (default of 16 miles) will be guaranteed at purchase but you won't need to select your 10K and Half Marathon choices immediately . Simply confirm your preferred Marathon Prep distance and 10K/Half Marathon choices at least 2 business days prior to your chosen events.
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Marathon Training Package
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25 Apr 19 - 00:00